FDRC 2018 Annual Report

The Disciplinary Committee 紀律委員會 Annual Report 2018 年度報告 17 The FDRC Disciplinary Committee (DC) was set up in 2014 to establish a process to deal with complaints against mediators and arbitrators on the Lists. The independent DC advises and decides on the proper procedures for handling disciplinary matters to ensure that all complaints under the FDRS are handled in a procedurally fair and impartial manner. The DC has made recommendations on the establishment of complaint handling procedures, including a review and appeal mechanism. In 2018, the DC reviewed the report on mediation and arbitration cases and noted that no follow-up action on disciplinary matter was required. 調解中心紀律委員會( 紀委會 )於 2014 年成立, 目的是建立一套程序,以處理外界對調解中心的 調解員及仲裁員名單上成員所作出的投訴個案。 獨立的紀委會負責就上述的紀律事務提出建議及 制訂適當的程序,確保調解計劃下的所有投訴個 案,均在公平公正及不偏不倚的程序下進行審 理。紀委會已就如何建立投訴個案處理程序,包 括檢討及上訴機制等問題提出建議。 紀委會於 2018 年審閱了有關調解及仲裁個案的報 告,同意沒有需要就紀律事宜作出跟進工作。