FDRC 2018 Annual Report

The Disciplinary Tribunal 紀律審裁組 Annual Report 2018 年度報告 21 The Disciplinary Tribunal (Tribunal) was set up in 2016 to deal with complaints against mediators and arbitrators on the Lists in relation to handling the disputes under the FDRS in a procedurally fair and impartial manner. Members of the Panel of the Tribunal should: • not be members of the FDRC Board, the Appointment Committee or the Disciplinary Committee; • not be staff members of the FDRC; • possess knowledge on mediation and/or arbitration, jurisprudence and tribunal procedures; and • be familiar with the ToR and the operation of the FDRC. 紀律審裁組( 審裁組 )於 2016 年成立,目的是 在公平公正及不偏不倚的程序下,審理所有針對 調解中心的名單上之調解員及仲裁員就處理調解 計劃下之爭議所作出的投訴。 審裁組成員必須: • 並非調解中心董事局、遴選委員會或紀律 委員會的成員; • 並非調解中心的職員; • 具有調解及╱或仲裁、法學和審裁程序的 知識;和 • 熟悉調解中心的《 職權範圍 》及其運作。