FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Financial Dispute Resolution Centre 金融糾紛調解中心 24 Implementation of enhancements of the FDRS With effect from 1 January 2018, the FDRC enhanced its services by: (a) increasing the maximum claimable amount of eligible disputes to one million Hong Kong Dollars and the limitation period to 24 months and, (b) enabling the parties concerned, with mutual agreement, to apply for services from the FDRC if the monetary disputes exceeds the maximum claimable amount and/or the limitation period. The inclusion of small enterprises as Eligible Claimants also took effect from 1 July 2018. Dispute resolution services The FDRC’s hotline and enquiry services received 955 enquiries during the year. Of all the enquiries received, 573 or approximately 60% were related to complaints about financial products and services. Among these 573 complaints, 487 were classified as prima facie ineligible disputes under the Intake Criteria of the ToR in force at the time. For the year of 2018, the FDRC received 15 applications under the services of FDRS. High mediation success rate and satisfaction rate The mediation success rate was maintained at an encouraging level, with 80% of the cases received and handled in 2018 being successfully settled in mediation processes. Since inception, approximately 90% of the mediation service users (which covered both parties involved in the disputes) rated the FDRC’s services as “Satisfactory” or above. Publicity activities FDRC conducted publicity activities regularly, including information seminars, talks, CPD courses and various promotional activities. In 2018, FDRC was awarded “Financial Education Champion” in recognition of its achievements in promoting financial consumer protection in the previous years. 實施優化金融糾紛調解計劃 自 2018 年 1 月 1 日起,調解中心實施了以下優化 服務措施:( a )將符合條件的爭議的最高申索金額 增加至 100 萬港元,並將時效期限提高至 24 個月; 及( b )若金錢爭議超出最高申索金額及╱或時效 期限,在當事人雙方同意下亦可向調解中心申請 服務。自 2018 年 7 月 1 日起,合資格申索人的範 疇亦延伸至小型企業。 排解爭議服務 調解中心的熱線及查詢服務在年內共接獲 955 宗 查詢。在所收到的查詢中, 573 宗或約 60% 是關 於金融產品及服務的投訴。在這 573 宗投訴中, 根據當時適用的《 職權範圍 》的《 個案受理準 則 》, 487 宗投訴屬在表面資料上被列為不符合條 件的爭議。於 2018 年度,調解中心接獲 15 宗調解 計劃服務申請。 高調解成功率及滿意度 調解成功率維持於令人鼓舞的水平, 2018 年度 內收到並已處理的個案中,八成個案能在調解過 程中成功和解。自成立以來,約 90% 的調解服務 使用者( 包括爭議雙方 )對調解中心的服務給予 「 滿意 」或以上的評級。 舉辦推廣活動 調解中心定期舉辦推廣活動,當中包括簡介會、 講座、培訓班及各類推廣活動。於 2018 年,調解 中心獲頒發「 理財教育獎 」,以表揚調解中心多 年來推動金融消費者保障的貢獻與成果。 The Year at a Glance 全年回顧