FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2018 年度報告 31 Publicity 推廣 FDRC has made every endeavour to promote the FDRS and its services to different sectors of the society. In 2018, the FDRC organized various activities and stakeholders engagement events to promote the professional services of FDRC. STAKEHOLDERS ENGAGEMENT CPD Training and Seminars for Financial Industry The FDRC has been working closely with the financial industry to resolve the monetary disputes with their customers. Hence, the FDRC provides CPD training and seminars to the industry practitioners every year to instil and reinforce their knowledge of dispute handling via the harmonious channel of mediation and arbitration. In view of the service enhancements of the FDRS to cover monetary disputes of small enterprises with effect from 1 July 2018, FDRC, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, provided a mandatory CPD course “Monetary Disputes of Small Enterprises with Banks and Securities Firms” to members on the FDRC List of Mediators and the FDRC List of Arbitrators. Besides, 4 briefing sessions and 7 on-site seminars were held to introduce the role and services of FDRC to financial institutions. FDRC was also invited to conduct 2 CPD training seminars to members of the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Professionals Association. Publicity 推廣 調解中心努力不懈地向社會不同階層宣傳調解計 劃及其服務。在 2018 年,調解中心舉辦了多項公 眾活動和持份者聯繫項目以推廣調解中心的專業 服務。 持份者聯繫 金融業界持續專業發展培訓及簡介會 調解中心一直與金融業界緊密合作,以解決他們 與客戶之間的金錢爭議。因此,調解中心每年均 會為業界從業員提供持續專業發展培訓及簡介 會,以灌輸及加強他們處理糾紛的相關知識,善 用調解和仲裁這些和諧方式來解決爭議。 因應服務優化後的調解計劃於 2018 年 7 月 1 日起 涵蓋至小型企業的金錢爭議,調解中心與香港銀 行學會合辦「 小型企業與銀行及證券行的金錢糾 紛 」必修培訓課程,給予調解中心名單上的調解 員和仲裁員。此外,調解中心舉辦了 4 場簡介會 及 7 場現場研討會,為各金融機構介紹調解中心 的角色及服務。調解中心亦應香港證券及期貨從 業員工會的邀請,為其會員舉辦了 2 場持續專業 發展培訓研討會。