FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Financial Dispute Resolution Centre 金融糾紛調解中心 34 Report of the Directors 董事局報告書 The directors submit herewith their annual report together with the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2018. PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (the “Company”) is a company incorporated and domiciled in Hong Kong and has its registered office and principal place of business at Unit 3701-4, 37/F, Sunlight Tower, 248 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES The Company is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. It independently and impartially administers the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (“FDRS”) which provides mediation and arbitration services to financial institutions (which are members of FDRS) and their customers for the resolution of monetary disputes. The Company is established to promote more efficient dispute resolution for the benefit of the Hong Kong community. SHARE CAPITAL The Company is limited by guarantee and therefore does not have any share capital. RESERVE Movement in reserve during the year ended 31 December 2018 are set out in statement of changes in equity on page 42. 董事局仝人謹將截至二零一八年十二月三十一日 止年度的經審核財務報表呈覽。 主要營業地點 金融糾紛調解中心(「 本公司 」)在香港註冊成 立,並以香港為註冊地,註冊辦事處和主要營業 地點設於香港灣仔皇后大道東 248 號陽光中心 37 樓 3701-04 室。 主要業務 本公司是以擔保有限公司形式成立的非牟利機 構。本公司獨立公正地管理一套金融糾紛調解計 劃(「 調解計劃 」),為調解計劃轄下的金融機構 成員及其客戶提供調解及仲裁服務,以解決他們 之間的金錢爭議。本公司的成立目的是要更有效 調解爭議,從而造福香港社群。 股本 本公司以擔保有限公司形式成立,因此並無任何 股本。 儲備 本公司截至二零一八年十二月三十一日止年度的 儲備變動詳載於第 42 頁的權益變動表內。 Report of the Directors 董事局報告書