FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2018 年度報告 3 The Guiding Principles 原則 Independence To provide and operate an independent dispute resolution scheme for financial institutions and their customers. Impartiality To maintain and implement the dispute resolution processes which treat both the financial institutions and their customers in an impartial way. Accessibility To set down dispute resolution processes which are simple, straightforward and easy to understand so that the services provided to our users are accessible and user-friendly. Efficiency To ensure that financial disputes are settled in a timely and efficient manner. Transparency To be as open and transparent as possible in dealing with financial disputes, whilst also acting in accordance with confidentiality and privacy obligations under the laws of Hong Kong. 獨立 為金融機構及其客戶提供及管理獨立的爭議解決 計劃。 持平 在維持及貫徹執行爭議解決的程序上,不偏不倚 地對待金融機構及其客戶。 便捷 制訂簡單直接、易於理解的爭議解決程序,為使 用者提供便捷及易於掌握的服務。 有效 確保金融爭議可盡快及有效地解決。 透明 在處理金融爭議時,盡可能維持公開、透明及按 照香港法律下有關保密及保障私隱的條例進行。