FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Financial Dispute Resolution Centre 金融糾紛調解中心 32 Publicity 推廣 Exchange Visits and Talks for Professional Bodies The FDRC welcomed exchange visit to enhance experience sharing and service improvement. During the year, FDRC received official visits of different governmental organizations from the Mainland, which included delegations from the Financial Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Banking Industry Disputes Resolution Center, China Banking Association and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. FDRC also participated in industry activities in Hong Kong. They included the Mediate First – Exploring New Horizons” Mediation Conference 2018 organized by the Department of Justice, the 4th Shanghai-Hong Kong Commercial Mediation Forum organized by the Joint Mediation Helpline Office, Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center and the Hong Kong Mediation Council, International Commercial Mediation Competition Hong Kong organized by International Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2018 organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and various professional training sessions. The FDRC was a supporting organization in the above events. 國際交流及專業團體簡介會 調解中心歡迎與來訪團體進行經驗交流及分享提 升服務的心得。年內,調解中心接待了來自內地 不同官方機構或團體的的訪問團,包括廣東省人 民政府金融工作辦公室、中國證券監督管理委員 會、上海銀行業糾紛調解中心、中國銀行業協會 及中國銀行保險監督管理委員會。 調解中心亦參與在香港的多項業界活動,包括 律政司主辦的「 調解為先 共創新天 」調解週 2018 、聯合調解專線辦事處、上海經貿商事調解 中心及香港調解會合辦的「 第四屆滬港商事調解 論壇 」、國際商會( 香港 )主辦的 International Commercial Mediation Competition Hong Kong 、 香港銀行學會舉辦的「 香港銀行家峰會 2018 」及 多項專業培訓課程。調解中心為以上活動的支持 機構。