FDRC 2018 Annual Report

Notes to Financial Statements 財務報表附註 (Expressed in Hong Kong dollars) (以港幣列示) Financial Dispute Resolution Centre 金融糾紛調解中心 68 16. POSSIBLE IMPACT OF AMENDMENTS, NEW STANDARDS AND INTERPRETATIONS ISSUED BUT NOT YET EFFECTIVE FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2018 (continued) As disclosed in note 2(n), currently the Company classifies leases as operating leases. The Company enters into the leases as the lessee. HKFRS 16 is not expected to impact significantly on the way that the Company accounts for its rights and obligations under a lease when it is the lessor under the lease. However, once HKFRS 16 is adopted, the Company will no longer distinguish between finance leases and operating leases when it is the lessee under the lease. Instead, subject to practical expedients, the Company will be required to account for all leases of more than 12 months in a similar way to current finance lease accounting. The application of the new accounting model is expected to lead to an increase in both assets and liabilities and to impact on the timing of the expense recognition in the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income over the period of the lease. HKFRS 16 is effective for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. The Company plans to elect to use the modified retrospective approach for the adoption of HKFRS 16 and will recognise the cumulative effect of initial application as an adjustment to the opening balance of equity at 1 January 2019 and will not restate the comparative information. As disclosed in note 14, at 31 December 2018 the Company’s future minimum lease payments under non-cancellable operating leases amount to $6,275,808 for properties. Upon the initial adoption of HKFRS 16, the opening balances of lease liabilities and the corresponding right- of-use assets will be adjusted, after taking account the effects of discounting, as at 1 January 2019. 16. 已頒佈但尚未在截至二零一八年十二月 三十一日止年度生效的修訂、新準則和詮釋可 能帶來的影響 ( 續 ) 如附註 2(n) 中所披露,目前本公司將租賃分類為 經營租賃。本公司作為承租人簽訂租賃安排。 預期《 香港財務報告準則 》第 16 號不會對本公司 作為出租人時的租賃權利及義務的會計處理產生 重大影響。但是,在應用《 香港財務報告準則 》 第 16 號後,本公司在作為承租人的租賃中,將毋 須再區分融資租賃及經營租賃。相反,按照簡便 實務操作方法,本公司需按照與當前融資租賃會 計處理相類似的方式對所有租賃期限超過 12 個月 的租賃進行會計處理。 預期應用新會計模式會導致資產及負債均有所增 加,並影響租賃期內於損益及其他全面收益表內 確認開支的時點。 《 香港財務報告準則 》第 16 號於二零一九年一月 一日或之後開始的會計年度生效。本公司計劃選 擇使用經調整的追溯法來應用《 香港財務報告準 則 》第 16 號,並將初始應用的累積影響確認為於 二零一九年一月一日的權益期初結餘的調整,且 不重述比較信息。如附註 14 所披露,於二零一八 年十二月三十一日,本公司根據不可解除的物業 經營租賃合約在日後應付的最低租賃付款總額為 6,275,808 港元。初始應用《 香港財務報告準則 》 第 16 號後,租賃負債及相應的使用權資產於二零 一九年一月一日的期初結餘根據貼現影響進行相 應調整。